The Ultimate Electric Roofing Nail Gun Buying Guide For 2017

Most people who are shopping for a roofing nail gun are trying to avoid the trouble of hammering the nails by hand. With several nail gun products from various brands on the market, your main concern should be selecting the most suitable brand for your nail gun. With a little knowledge on the roofing nailguns, your visit to the local hardware store or online search will get you the device you want. There are several types of nail guns operating with different applications, triggers, power types and much more.

What Is Your Reason for Buying a Nail Gun?

Before selecting a nailgun when shopping you must ensure that it is the right type for the project you intend to use it for. Nail guns deliver great results whatever your nailing products are. Actually they may be used in all projects which require nails to be driven through. To ensure that your receiving value for your money’s worth, get to know more information before a purchase.

Applications of Roofing Nail Guns

Today, nail guns are majorly used in flooring, roofing, framing and inserting staples. Roofing nailers are primarily designed for nailing into place roof shingles. The framing nailers can drive down large nails into very thick material, usually wood flooring. The finish nailers are much lighter and are most suitable for delicate furniture and cabinets among other valid uses. In situations which require extreme delicacy and precision the staple nailers are best suited.

Roofing Nail Guns

The main purpose of a roofing nail gun is to nail down roof shingles. In particular, the pneumatic roof nailers are preferred by most roofing contractors nationwide due to their immense power. A great way to gauge how good a particular roofing gun is can be by reading online reviews. Focus your attention on what most previous users said about its ergonomics, durability, exposure gauges, driver blades, power and speed.

How Do Identify the Roofing Nailgun?

When shopping for the most suitable nail gun at a hardware store, take time to read its manual before buying it. This will be very helpful considering there are several model variations even when you already know it’s a roofing nail gun. When shopping for a suitable roofing nailer you want a product that is easy to reload, fires off its nails without jamming and has a great balance and feel when on your hands. When using the device, adjustment should be quick. Almost all other nailers have a cordless version, unfortunately there is no roofing nailer within that category

Reviewed below are some of the highly recommended Roofing Nail Guns

1- Bostitch RN46-1 Roofing Nailer

Bostitch RN46-1
Bostitch RN46-1 Roofing Nailer

Looking at this nailer on every level only gives you more reason why it should be your device of choice. Being durable and light in weight, it’s one of the very best tools for exterior drywalls, roofing, insulation boards among other applications. It is equipped with its incredible side-load canister, no nail lockout, a simple drive in nail adjustments, and aggressive performance. The RN46-1 is the perfect tool for roofers, builders and any other player in the construction business who wants a great performing nailer.

According to its advertised potential the RN46-1 can deliver a 410 pound at around 100Psi. It can drive in over 100 nails in a single minute. The RN46-1 can fire either through a sequential trip or a contact trip. Contact trips utilize a bouncing mechanism along the work piece which makes it great for work on expansive areas in particular roofs.

The sequential trip firing works best for precision applications like finish work. RN46-1 also has integrated shingle spacing to control spacing. The hard outer magnesium construction is best for durability. Magnesium being light in weight makes it feel greater on your arms. Every nosepiece has a carbide insertion point to allow long tool lie and durability. The skid pads and wear guards offer protect the user from any damage brought about by working on rough surfaces.

The Bostitch tool can be found in most construction sites. At roughly over $200 most owners confirm that this tool performs way better than the high-end roofing guns.

2 – Hitachi NV45AB2 Roofing Nailer

Hitachi NV45AB2 Roofing Nailer
Hitachi NV45AB2 Roofing Nailer

Hitachi are a distinguished company which provides high grade power. Several of the applications covered include metalwork, concrete, drilling, and metalwork, fastening and cutting. The Hitachi NV45AB2 is an unrivaled roofing nail which can be utilized in the most hostile roofing environments. Its great performance can be attributed to its pneumatic nail driven mechanism which ensures that moisture and dirt are ejected from the nailer. You can count on it to function perfectly whatever the weather. Equipped with a high capacity magazine, the NV45AB2 has a 3/8 air inlet and operates at over 100Psi.

Weighing only 5.5 pounds the NV45AB2 provides great maneuverability when working atop rooftops. During its design the manufacturers ensured that one can still use it effectively when wielded on one arm. The large carbide inserted on its nose provides durability and performance while operating.

3 – The Dewalt DWFP12658 Coil Roofing Nailer

The Dewalt DWFP12658 Coil Roofing Nailer

Regarded as one of the markets most versatile tools the Dewalt DWFP12658 weighs roughly 6.2 pounds. A good number of construction rate it as the best addition to their tool arsenal. In as much as its affordable compared to other models it’s also a top quality power tool brought by Dewalt. Unlike other products offered in its niche the Dewalt DWFP12658 works great on siding, sheathing, fiber glass shingles, insulation boards, and asphalt among several other roof applications.

Using the nailer is much more convenient as it lacks the long conventional magazine found in similar products. The great balance and control it displays are brought about by its robust and durable aluminum cap and frame. Primarily designed for commercial usage the Dewalt DWFP12658 is quite portable and simple to operate despite its powerful discharge.

The Dewalt DWFP12658 is highly recommendable as a roofing nailgun as it is an improvement of the previous D51321 roofing nailer. The depth of your shot can be adjusted by the wheels located on the right hand side of its trigger. The only disadvantage worth noting is having to lift the nailer to an eye level when checking how many nails are left. This however should not generate much fuss.